The Way to a Man’s Heart Series

Cookies and Cowboys


Kat Conner is a rising star in the hot world of New York’s TV cooking shows. All she really wants is love and a family. She chalks her poor dating experiences to desperation and a tiny bit to fear of realizing her long held dream. In one last-ditch effort to find love, she joins an online matchmaking service where the man of her dreams, who doesn’t mind her plump bum, is guaranteed for only 169.99. He just happens to live in Okla-frickin-homa.

Harris Rhodes used to be a tough and tumble football star for the Cowboys, until a busted marriage and a career-ending injury sent him packing. He doesn’t need a woman threatening the life he humpty-dumptied back together again. Now his comfortable world is turkey-ranching and single-daddying. His twins keep harassing him with strange questions like whether he likes pina coladas or getting caught in the rain.

Thanks to some mad computer skills from his genius children and an online matchmaking service this risk-taking cookbook writer finds herself engaged to a conservative ex-football player with four kids of his own in the middle of Oklahoma. Can he be strong enough to face his fears and is she really willing risk her heart?

Soup for a Soldier


Molly O’Malley is a pacifist in a family of anger management court-ordered-class candidates trying to get her boutique line of organic feel good foods successfully launched. The last thing she needs is an angry marine in her life. But when her younger sister ditches an injured hometown hero begging Molly to smooth things over that’s exactly what she gets. She certainly doesn’t expect to be attracted to a man five years her junior.

Damn right, Daniel Finn is angry. He lost his brother, his career and his mobility all in one Afghani night. The only time he feels a little peace is when he’s fighting with the hottest of the O’Malley girls, Molly. He needs her with every shatter of his body and soul.

Tempers flare and passions ignite between the two. But to get their happily ever after, Molly will have to assure her family and herself that she’s no Mrs. Robinson. While she’s at it, she’ll need to work on convincing Danny that there’s more to the world than being a marine. Like being a father to their unborn child.

Southern Comfort


Kelsey Kent’s hot new restaurant Southern Comfort just got hotter. Thanks to a review from a savvy Memphis food critique. But now she has to convince him to keep her deepest darkest secret. She’s never even been close to the mason dixon line, much less south of it.

Aaron Elvis Walker likes Southern style, Southern food and Southern Belles. He’s found all three at the latest New York restaurant he reviewed. He can’t wait to get the pretty owner into Memphis’ most prestigious barbeque competition.

Can bluffing, burning desire and barbeque really spell love for this rebel and his yankee?

Carnivore Wars


The Vegan power chef Jaci James has a secret. The used-to-be-fat-girl went vegan ten years ago to lose weight, but every Sunday for the last five hundred weeks she succumbs to her dark cravings for… bacon. Or salami, or prime rib. Whatever she can get her carnivore claws into. But her regular deli has closed and she needs to find some new top quality cured meats soon, and on the sly.

Jackson Jilek has put every nickel, dime and drop of sweat into making his Chicago deli successful. It hasn’t left much time for a social life. When gorgeous Jaci stumbles into Jack & Jill’s Delicatessen he can’t help but ask her out. Any woman who appreciates his handmade wine-cured capicolla with as much zeal as she does is definitely one to bring home to mom.

But when Jaci’s quick service vegan restaurant chain expands into Jack’s neighborhood threatening to put him out of business, the war is on. They’ll battle for turf, customers, their livelihoods and their hearts.